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LIEN CHANG RUBBER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD was founded in 1985. Over 26 years, we produce the natural latex gloves professionally, including the industry gloves, fishery gloves, agriculture gloves, household gloves and medical gloves to provide the every kind of requirements. LIEN CHANG RUBBER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD is being a professional ODM/OEM manufacturer and can offer the service to develop the new product. We will continue to grow in the industry and advance toward a bright future to provide our best service and offer the good quality of the product. We hope every time you wear our gloves, you can be confident that your hands are well protected.
LIEN CHANG RUBBER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD is certified with Taiwan GMP quality standards. All of the products have surely been made in accordance with the request of global environmental protection.
In order to satisfy every kind of markets, for industry, we produce the cotton yarn rubber gloves, medical gloves and household gloves, our gloves are made by 100% pure natural latex concentrated and compounded in Taiwan.